Melding music and ideas of the apocalypse

 Yesterday, I spoke with Phillip Barcio, who is an arts journalist. He also wrote a fabulous review for Bitterroot for the Western Humanities Review.What was really interesting about his interview is that he asks guests to think about the idea of apocalypse, and submit 10 pieces of music that would be meaningful for the guest in a post-apocalyptic world. Sounds simplistic, but it was actually pretty difficult.  Until I trusted the process and saw the music I’d married to my ideas of a post apocalyptic world. Very insightful for me!  There was a lot of honesty in my song choice, but a lot of hope of what could be.
The show will air Saturday, June 6th at 7 pm EDT on WQRT FM 99.1 Indianapolis, and streams worldwide on WQRT.ORG  It will be posted as a podcast soon after. So mark it on your calendars!
The artist in me loves when people put together an exploration of the world from bits and pieces not used to fitting together.
BTW, Bitterroot hit nearly 2,000 sales. And the letters I get give me pause. I appreciate people’s courage and trust so much to gift me their words.

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