Adoption and Reproductive Justice – Petrie-Flom Blog Digital Symposium

Recently, U.S. Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett suggested that child placement through adoption makes Roe V. Wade a moot point. And there are pleny of myths that point to this seemingly painless transaction.  But as Katherine Joyce, a writer for Salon, states, “the suggestion that adoption entails nothing more than several months of inconvenience […]

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Let’s Talk About Race: Beyond the Stories

I am so excited to announce I’ve been invited by Office of Multicultural Student Services at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to keynote for the Loving Day Celebration. Loving Day ( June 12) commemorates the 1967 Supreme Court decision to remove state bans regarding interracial marriage.   As an American Indian transracial adoptee, my research and […]

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Melding music and ideas of the apocalypse

 Yesterday, I spoke with Phillip Barcio, who is an arts journalist. He also wrote a fabulous review for Bitterroot for the Western Humanities Review.What was really interesting about his interview is that he asks guests to think about the idea of apocalypse, and submit 10 pieces of music that would be meaningful for the guest […]

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