Melding music and ideas of the apocalypse

 Yesterday, I spoke with Phillip Barcio, who is an arts journalist. He also wrote a fabulous review for Bitterroot for the Western Humanities Review.What was really interesting about his interview is that he asks guests to think about the idea of apocalypse, and submit 10 pieces of music that would be meaningful for the guest […]

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Bread – a path to self-discovery

Good morning! Ok, I need to say something here.  I’m taking a break in my blog about talking about adoption, about colonization, about the heavy things that I think about 25 hours of the day, because there is so much more to me than being an adoptee within a structure that has sought to destroy […]

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Seeking a Simpler Life in 2020 and Beyond

Seeking a simpler life. Isn’t that what any of us are trying to do, usually beginning the day after January 1st?  We make changes, try to get a few do-overs.  Frantically work or read all the ways to make ourselves happier, healthier, less stressed, more motivated.  Just like a lot of people, I’ve done this […]

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