Interview on KALW’s Your Call – Bitterroot and a conversation about race, identity and belonging

The one thing that I really enjoy is talking about Bitterroot: A Salish Memoir of Transracial Adoption.  Whether it is at a book festival, in a lecture hall, in a book club or on the radio, I get a little jazzed when I’m asked for an interview.  Especially when the interview questions are as detailed and thoughtful as those of Rose Aguilar, the host of KALW’s “Your Call“.  She requires a depth of discussion, and as a result seeks answers to the big questions about history, policy, social structure, as well as the presence of racism in all of them.  My conversation with her sparked comments and questions and, I hope, understanding about why removing children from American Indian families and communities is so damaging to the community, and more importantly, to the child.  

Give a listen to “In Bitterroot, A Native transracial adoptee explores identity, race, and belonging” as we explore the social terrain for answers to the colonization and destruction in the American Indian family.  I’m interested in your thoughts on the subject.  Leave a comment.

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